How to get Free Microsoft Points

Doesn’t every Xbox 360 gamer need Free Microsoft Points? Xbox 360 is almost useless if you can’t buy anything. With Free Microsoft Points you can get arcade games, new themes, demos, add-ons and even full games! Microsoft Points are awesome, but who wants to pay for them? Well, I know I don’t. Keep reading and you will find out how to get Free Microsoft Points emailed to you!

This isn’t a scam, right? And its legal, correct?

This is absolutely not a scam and perfectly legal. Let me explain. What most people do is go to the store and buy their Microsoft Points card. Then they enter the code on the card and get Microsoft Points in their account. If you follow the three simple steps you can get Free Microsoft Points emailed to your email account in no time! Points2Shop can offer Free Microsoft Points only because advertisers pay for it. You look at some offers (ads), Points2Shop emails you Free Microsoft Points. This is why its legal and not a scam.

Just a heads up to everyone reading this, NEVER download anything that claims to be a free Microsoft Points generator, all of those are full of viruses and will get your account stolen. On the other hand, this method does require time, but its FREE!

Can I see some proof?

Of course you can, there is plenty of proof! Just look at the picture on this page. Free Microsoft Points and all other prizes were gotten for free! Absolutely no money spent out of pocket. I, myself, joined Points2Shop to get Free Microsoft Points. Once I got free Microsoft Points, I got a bunch of Free Games, a Free Ipod Touch, Free Money to PayPal. Then I got some more free Microsoft Points and I was hooked. (still am)

Even thought proof is right here, you might not believe me that you can actually get free Microsoft Points. Well, you can simply sign up and ask “Can i get free Microsoft points here?” in the live chat box. Real users will tell you the truth.

Here are the three simple steps to your free Microsoft Points:

Step 1: Sign Up


After clicking, you should be brought to the home page. There you just click Join Now or the big green “Sing Up” button. You will then have to enter your information. You must use a real Email, since that’s where they send your Free Microsoft Points code to, don’t forget to confirm it too. Your address should be real and yours as well. Prizes other than free Microsoft Points will be send to this address. Once you confirm your email and you are all signed up. If you did everything correctly you should have your 250 bonus points ($2.5) in the account.

Step 2: Get Your Points, Do Some Free and Simple Offers.

Once you are done with registration, it’s time to do some easy, free offers. You will have to do 20-30 of these offers/surveys, to receive your Free Microsoft Points.

I did a lot of offers and now it takes me less than 3 minutes to do one. Read the links you will receive in you PM and don’t forget to “Mark As Complete” your offers. Soon enough you should have enough points to order you Free Microsoft Points. If you are a gamer, you can also earn points by playing games!

It takes me about 3 minutes to do one offer. Here is an example of me doing one. This offer was worth 90 points. That’s 90 points closer to those Free Microsoft Points! (It’s loud, turn your volume down)

Step 3: Order your Free Microsoft Points!

This is the easiest step and the one that is fun! You will get to order your Free Microsoft Points with the points you got from offers. All you have to do is go to “Spend Points“, then click “Popular Prizes“, on this page you should see a picture of free Microsoft Points picture. If its not there, no one has ordered it in the last few minutes. Simply type “free Microsoft Points” into the “Find Free Rewards” box. Add them to the cart and once it approves you will see your free Microsoft Points code in your email box. This completes the three steps you have to do to get your free Microsoft Points.

I hope you enjoy your free Microsoft Points!

Have any questions? Contact me!

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